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Scottish Night Championships - 18 Feb 2017

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Scottish Night Orienteering Championships Darnaway Forest (as used WOC 2015 and Scottish 6 days)

Adult BOF Member £10.00

Junior BOF Member £5.00

Full Time Student (BOF member) £8.00

The registration and assembly are in the village of Conicavel, a short walk to the start and finish. Toilets will be available. 

Final course lengths and entry categories below:

Course 1 7.1Km - M21L M20L M35L (Trophy Men) 

Course 2 5.7Km - M40L M45L M50L W21L W20L W35L M Open (Trophy Women, M40, M45+) 

Course 3 4.8Km - M18A M55L M60L W40L W45L M/WOpen (Trophy M18A, W40L+) 

Course 4 3.7Km - M16A W18A W50L W55L M/WOpen (Trophy M16A W18A) 

Course 5 2.9Km - M65, M70, M75, W16A, W60, W65, W70, W75, Novice M/WOpen (Trophy W16A) 

Course 6 2.0Km - Novice (No trophy) 

Planners update


Darnaway Forest has been regularly used for orienteering for many years; it consistently provides an enjoyable challenge in some great technical terrain. It hosted the World Orienteering Championships in 2015 and in 1975. The competition area is owned by Darnaway Castle and is managed by Moray Estates whom we are very grateful for granting access and providing support.  

The majority of the woodlands at Darnaway are coniferous; however there are some significant areas of Oak and Beech which should provide you with some fantastic running particularly at night.  Parts of Darnaway have been a forest for at least a thousand years and were formerly a royal hunting forest. The oldest tree in the forest is estimated to be approximately 750 years old.  The ground cover is mainly a mix of heather and brashings, the deciduous areas however are fast with lots of leaf cover. The terrain is undulating with some short steep hills, in many places there is a good mix of fine complex contour detail. The whole competition area is interspersed with a good network of tracks and paths, however there are some unmapped extraction lanes and some smaller paths which may be harder to see at night due to leaf cover. There are also some clear felled areas which may affect some competitors.      

All courses close at 8.30pm.

All maps will be map scale 1:10,000 on A4 paper.

Blank maps will be made available for inspection within the Start Box and at Registration

Course 6 maps will be made available to competitors at Registration only

All competitors should report to registration to collect their EMIT brikke and OR backup card - this is important as we will use this to confirm that you are actually at the event!

Loose waterproof control descriptions will available within the Start Box.

All control descriptions will be pictorial.

Electronic punching using Emit, all controls will be reflective, it is intended that all TD5 courses will use reflective kites. Course 6 may possibly be utilising the small flat Emit controls stakes with reflectors hung below.

Shadowing is permitted, however the competitor will be declared non-competitive. The person shadowing must also have completed their run first if they are competing, unless however they declare themselves non-competitive. All competitive runners must run solo and not in pairs etc. Moravian strongly advises that any novice BOF registered orienteer that has not run at a night O should seriously think about being shadowed.

Competitor’s safety.  Your enjoyment but more particularly your personal safety is very important to us so please read and understand the following safety information.  Whistles are mandatory, the carrying or wearing of cagoules maybe enforced depending on the weather conditions on the night. Should you get lost do not head east as this will take you towards the River Findhorn. It is advisable to carry a bum bag with spare head torch batteries etc.

Though not mandatory, consider taking a mobile phone on your run, signal and coverage is varied in the competition area.  A mobile safety number will be printed on the course map for use relating to any safety matters. Be familiar with the capability of your mobile phone in ‘any emergency’ they have many useful features that you may not be aware of, it should be fully charged and should not be turned off whilst you are in the competition area. 

Other items to add.

No dogs are permitted in the competition area.


PLANNER: Chris Spencer   


CONTROLLER: Rob Hickling

Note this is PRE ENTRY only there will be no EOD

Punch type: Emit
Area name: Darnaway Forest
Location: Conicavel Village signed from A96
Website: http://www.moravianorienteering.org/events/darnaway-forest-scottish-night-orienteering-championships-sat-18-feb-17