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SOL 3 Battan - 13 May 2012

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SOL 3 Battan, Foxhole Nr Kiltarlity (West of Inverness) Sunday 13th May 2012
OS Grid ref NH 537379 (parking)

Battan Wood is a technically and physically challenging area of mixed, complex terrain.

Course | Colour | Classes
1 | Black | M 21L
2 | Brown | M18, M20, M35L, M40L
3 | Short Brown | W21L, M21S, M45L, M50L
4 | Blue | M16, W18, W20, W35L, W40L, M55L, M60L, M35S, M40S
5 | Short Blue | W45L, W50L, W21S, M65L, M45S, M50S
6 | Green | W16, W55L, W60L, W35S, W40S, M70L, M60S, M55S
7 | Short Green | W65, W70, W75, W80, W45S, W50S, W55S, W60S, M75, M80, M65S, M70S
8 | Light Green | W14, W16B, M14, M16B
10 | Orange | W12, W14B, M12, M14B
11 | Yellow | W10, W12B, M10, M12B
12 | White | W10B, M10B

We are also hoping there will be a String course.

Map: Pre-marked and printed on waterproof paper, scale 1:10.000, map partially updated Jan 2011.

Planner – David Summers, Invoc
Controller – tbc
Organiser – Elaine Jones, Invoc, battan@invoc.org.uk

Entry Fees: Seniors £11, Students/Juniors £4.50. Courses White to Light Green will be charged at the junior rate. (These prices are net of £2 discount for all).
Limited Entry on day while maps available – Seniors £13, Students/Juniors & colour coded £5.

Parking: Parking Field NH 537 379. There will be a £1 charge for parking, collected at the gate.

Registration: 10:30 – 12:30
Starts: 11:00 – 13:30
Courses Close: 15:30

Punching: Emit Brikke, may be hired for free, but a charge will be levied for loss of Brikke.

Final details will be available at www.invoc.org.uk

Directions: Preferred Route: A862 west from Inverness, Turn left A833 to Drumnadrochit, 4th left marked Foxhole / Abriachan, Signed from here.

Alternative Route: A82 south from Inverness, after 14.5km right to Abriachan, follow road 2.5km keep left at Blackfold Junction, Signed from here. Be extra careful on the single track roads on approach to the venue, these are very quiet roads not used to extra traffic.

Dogs: Dogs are allowed, but must be kept on a lead at all times.

Toilets: will be provided in the parking field.

Safety: Competitors take part entirely at their own risk, a whistle & watch should be carried. In case of bad weather dress appropriately, competitors may be advised to wear a cagoule.

Closing Date: 06 May 2012
Punch type: Emit
Area name: Battan
Location: Foxhole Near Kiltarlity OS Grid ref NH 537379
Website: www.invoc.org.ok